Sunday Reflection 2-25-2018

By: Kieren Altenbern

“Here I am Lord!” If only I could respond to the Lord’s call with such enthusiasm and trust as Abraham did. In the readings today we are reminded of the power of trusting in the Lord. But sometimes putting your total trust in Him is extremely difficult. It completely baffles me that Abraham could so willingly lay his only son’s life down because the Lord asked him. Meanwhile, I struggle to accept the small sacrifices the Lord asks of me every day, especially during this Lenten season. Instead of responding “Here I am Lord!”, I respond with something along the lines of “Really? That’s what you want me to do?”. I get caught up in the trials of the moment and fail to recognize the many blessings that can come from saying “yes” to the Lord. Blessings that can be “as countless as the stars in the sky”, only if we are willing.

We are called to live in total obedience to God’s plan for us, and this can be scary at first thought. Surrendering your life to a great, almighty power that may be completely unknown to you is an extremely daunting task. But this plan is not one that will lead us to ruin, but rather it will lead us to salvation. It is a plan inspired by an unconditional love that may have a few bumps of doubt in the road, but in the end it leads us to a greater happiness than we could ever know. As is said in the second reading for today “If God is for us, who can be against us?”. The power and love that lies in the Lord and His plan for us is so great and awesome that it defeats any evil that could come our way. We just need to say “yes”. Maybe that’s in a few small ways, like praying before meals or when you wake up each morning. Or perhaps it is in a big way, like finally going to confession after years of sin and pain or sacrificing your only son on an altar (though highly unlikely, you never know). Our obedience to God and His will for us can lead us to the greatest and most perfect happiness we could ever hope to know, complete union with Him. Are you ready to say yes? Are you ready to say “Here I am Lord!”?

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