Lord You are the center of my life

Lord You are the center of my life: I trust in you.

I have always wanted to be the best that I can be. Unfortunately, for most of my life I have taken the liberty of defining what my best self is and this is based off of how the world views success and how I view myself. I am the type of person that needs to plan out early and often and set lofty goals for myself. While doing these things are great and I certainly recommend everyone to set high standards for themselves, I urge you to always remember that you are not in control. It’s a shame that I thought I could be in control for so long because the simple truth is that only God knows what my best self looks like and me trapping myself to some preconceived notion of success only leads to stress when my vision doesn’t pan out. But recently, I have decided that instead of actively seeking my own plan, I will actively seek to know and understand God. John 17: 3: “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”

 I have accepted that I am the Lord’s servant, He is my savior, and my life is completely unto His will. When we are able to fully trust in God and focus on understanding His love we are becoming better versions of ourselves. When we trust in God He helps us discover our unique talents and share them with the world. To me, trusting in God comes in the forms of the hundreds of decisions that we make each and every day. I have been telling myself as often as possible “Lord you are the center of my life” and that phrase has found a way to calm me and serve as a guiding principle for my life. God is not just a part of who we are: He is why we are. God is what defines us and keeping this in mind makes me more aware of every sin against God that I commit. It helps make every decision in my life easier because if God is at the center of my life then almost all of the things that I sometimes worry about are marginally important.

Before everything that I do I try to ask myself, “Is this bringing me closer to God?” The closer we are to God, the more He will reveal his plan to us. The best thing that we can do is to trust Him and seek to know Him. To know Him is to Love Him. If success is what you’re after, spend time throughout every day just talking with God. Spend time in silence, spend time celebrating the good things, asking for guidance, praying for loved ones, and thanking God for all of the sacrifices He has made and the grace and mercy that He shows us. The most satisfying thing in this life is to know God. I have been reading Matthew Kelly’s book, Perfectly Yourself this lent and it has helped me find more peace in life. He writes about how in a world where success is defined by wealth, job status, sex, material goods, or positions of power; it is so important to remember this: becoming the person that God created you to be is only true and lasting success.


Vincent Zicarelli


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